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ECCO exhibition

Time:05/10/2011  -  time:229  -  number:69

ECCO exhibition

Shopping Tips: For Ovens

Time:09/26/2011  -  time:40  -  number:1441
Ovens and ranges don't compare with the fuel-guzzling power of the big energy hogs in your house, like the refrigerator or water heater, but there are some simple things you can do to save energy in the kitchen. First, pick a good range....

Extracted from the news (Singapore)

Time:09/26/2011  -  time:36  -  number:1017
In a bid to lower soaring electricity bills, town councils are looking at ways to manage their electricity consumption rather than raise service and conservancy charges (S CC). Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bishan-Toa Payoh group...


Time:09/21/2011  -  time:26  -  number:849
Shopping Tips If your current dishwasher is more than 10 years old, it likely uses between eight and 15 gallons of water per cycle. And depending on your individual habits, hand-washing dishes may use up to 50 percent more water than a new...

Shopping Tips

Time:08/30/2011  -  time:30  -  number:1642
There are several types of photovoltaic, or PV, cells available that power small devices such as calculators, phones, music players, computers, and lights. The PV cell that has been used for years in calculators and watches is made...

Eliza Barclay

Time:08/12/2011  -  time:11  -  number:2793
Eliza Barclay for National Geographic News Published March 3, 2010 This story is part of a special series that explores the global water crisis. For more clean water news, photos, and information, visit National Geographic's Freshwater Web...

Why LED lights?

Time:08/04/2011  -  time:67  -  number:742
A low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials, LED lights represent the future of a new generation of eco-friendly and long-lasting lighting system. Due to the low heat and power consumption of LEDs, LED lights...


Time:08/04/2011  -  time:29  -  number:2384
Japanese electronics firm Panasonic announced at a media event yesterday a new project to test an integrated energy system in Punggol Eco Town, a trial that could dramatically increase energy efficiency in...

led lamp made the government introduced new regulations

Time:05/27/2011  -  time:114  -  number:1923
led lamp made the government introduced new regulations singapore led The support of the national R D investment and market demand, driven by energy-saving lamps in China led by the rapid increases in technology, technological...

Ecco Singapore exhibition

Time:05/04/2011  -  time:178  -  number:43

Ecco Singapore exhibition

Ecco Singapore exhibition

Time:05/04/2011  -  time:354  -  number:34

Ecco Singapore exhibition


Time:05/04/2011  -  time:50  -  number:32


ecco led

Time:05/03/2011  -  time:92  -  number:37

ecco led

2011 Led Light China's future display technology development summit held in hefei BBS

Time:04/26/2011  -  time:176  -  number:3321
2011 Led Light China's future display technology development summit held in hefei BBS yesterday. ZhouZiXue letter department chief economist work, said flat panel display industry with high technical content, market size, industry,...

LED lighting is still needs to be upgraded how to cultivate market is the most important

Time:04/26/2011  -  time:343  -  number:2323
For illumination enterprise, it is undoubtedly a great LED Light gold field. Earlier government published the three years out, and 10 million incandescent light up the same amount energy-saving lamps timetable. LED lighting actually have...