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LED News


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LED Outdoor Light

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1. Flood Light Premium 24W Estimated Life : 8 Years SMT Chip CE Certified Reflector Enhance IP65 (Weather-proof) Consume 24 Watt Replace 80Watt Hailede Lamp Power Saving : 70% 2 Years Warranty Color Temperature : Cool Warm Colour: Cool Day...

LED Light Set

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ECCO Spot Light Set 6W Estimated Life : 5 Years SMT Chip Ext. Driver CE Certified Consume6 Watt Replace 235Watt Or 150Watt Halogen Spotlight Set Power Saving:91%2 Years Warranty Color Temperature Options :Cool Warm ECCO Spot Light Set 9W E...

LED Spot Light

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LED Light Bulb

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LED Light Tube

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led lamp made the government introduced new regulations

发布时间:2014-05-22  -  点击:88次
led lamp made the government introduced new regulations singapore led The support of the national R D investment and market demand, driven by energy-saving lamps in China led by the rapid increases in technology, technological innovation a...

Why LED lights?

发布时间:2014-05-22  -  点击:173次
A low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials, LED lights represent the future of a new generation of eco-friendly and long-lasting lighting system. Due to the low heat and power consumption of LEDs, LED lights a...

Shopping Tips

发布时间:2014-05-22  -  点击:133次
There are several types of photovoltaic, or PV, cells available that power small devices such as calculators, phones, music players, computers, and lights. The PV cell that has been used for years in calculators and watches is made from a...

Shopping Tips: For Ovens

发布时间:2014-05-22  -  点击:192次
Ovens and ranges dont compare with the fuel-guzzling power of the big energy hogs in your house, like the refrigerator or water heater, but there are some simple things you can do to save energy in the kitchen. First, pick a good range. It...

ECCO exhibition

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ECCO exhibition...

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